Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dream Yoga

every dream i have had
has become a deep and poignant
element of my personal history
an accumulating landscape of my
separate identity

meaningless to others
inexpressible in poetry
inexpressible in art

in dream yoga
one becomes lucid
and controls the dream, by being aware that it
is unreal

as is our waking life

this teaches us to have clear thinking
and know the nature of reality

i find that i don't want to control my dreams
they delight and surprise me with a heart pain
which is the source and ground of so much waking experience and memory

they arise mysteriously, spontaneously
i explore my experience within the familiarly strange
in ways i fear to do in waking life

they are my one place of experiential freedom
where i do not avoid the mystery of pain
they are an un-careful place
a counterbalance to the necessity of disipline
they are a wild place
where i live by instinct, wits and insights

they are that time of suffering that we all look back
and are touched by,
that difficult time together we made it through
that made us as one

in terms of letting go and seeing clearly
my dreams are the distillation of what i think of
as my personal samsara
and oh, i'm attached.

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