Friday, June 2, 2017


I want to shrink to exist
Solely in the broad, brown west entrance stairwell of Connaught School
Where the primary kids climbed to their classrooms
And we took piano lessons in the rooms to the side
Between the playground where I got stuck on a skipping rope I was using to climb a slide
And no one helped me and I lay there for ages as the yard cleared
Until I finally realized I could just climb myself up
And the classroom where I want to paste all the things
And was afraid of everyone except my teacher
And then of her, when he told me to dial down the pasting
Ashamed explorer, scared achiever, trembling endless will to master
I want to live in the stairwell alone
Before, after and within my humiliations
And the feeling of being alone in a crowd
Here, I am just alone
And I can remember all the books read to me
And the books I’m going to read

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